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Plenty Valley Christian College iPad Programme

iPads @ PVCC - Plenty Valley Christian College iPad Programme


Welcome to the Plenty Valley Christian College site on iPads. We have taken this exciting step of phasing in this device to complement the teaching and learning processes of the College.

Most students have access to personal forms of technology and most have technological know-how. We cannot predict what technology will look like in years to come, but we do know children will normally need adult guidance in managing an increasingly complex digital world.

The College has taken this step of introducing iPads to empower student learning. iPads will offer the connection, creativity, networking and personalised learning that will complement and leverage effective teaching and learning both in the classroom and beyond school.

Having said that, we acknowledge that iPads are only a tool for learning and that they will not take the place of good pedagogy, or the student – teacher relationships that underpin human formation.


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