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iPads @ PVCC - Plenty Valley Christian College iPad Programme

Purchase My iPad

Orders can now be placed through CompNow if you wish to purchase a new device. CompNow have put together some bundles that include screen protectors and cases. We recommend families make their own decision on where to purchase a device, The College has partnered with CompNow to make purchasing easier.

Purchasing Portal: www.compnow.com.au/pvcc

The College iPad programme requires that all students in Grades 4 to 9 have access to their own device, although any member of the College community can order through CompNow’s online store.


Q: Do I have to purchase through CompNow?
Q: No, you can purchase an iPad in a manner that best suits you.

Q: Are the iPads cheaper if purchased through the College supplier?
A: The bundle CompNow have put together includes a College printed case and a screen protector for around the same price as the iPad retails alone in stores.

Q: Is the AppleCare protection plan required?
A: No this is optional. This option is a requirement from Apple that it is offered.

Q: Is the insurance option required?
A: No this is optional. We would strongly recommend you consider the options with insurance that cover accidental damage. If you require further information or details on the Protecsure iPad Insurance please contact CompNow on (03) 9554 6000 to obtain a PDS. If you are choosing the lease payment option then insurance is not required as this is included in the lease arrangements.

Q: What payment options are available?
A: You can pay via Direct Deposit or Credit Card (VISA/Mastercard) directly to CompNow. Leasing is also available which includes added insurance and the ability to pay the unit off over time.

Q: What are the payment options and conditions for leasing?
A: Please contact CompNow directly on (03) 9554 6000 to discuss the leasing options or choose this as your payment option and they will contact you.

Q: How do we collect the unit?
A: iPads can either be directly delivered to the College or a personal address.